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USAAF Forums is shutting Down
After 19 years of maintaining the Army Air Forces Forum (, the developer has made the determination that the website would cease operations on Dec. 1, 2017.  We, of the Heritage League, took it upon ourselves to try and preserve the vast amount of data that was collected over almost two decades of questions and answers; some from actual vets and some from researchers.

To that end, Scott Burris - the developer of the Forum, has graciously supplied the data files of his forum to the Heritage League for preservation.  His original development was done using MS SQL which is no longer supported.  We are attempting to convert his MS SQL data into the current MySQL which is more widely supported.

We, the Heritage League, are asking if there are individuals out there who are knowledgable in MySQL and or MS SQL to please contact us if you would be willing to help in this project.

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