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President's Message

Your Heritage League

November 2017

Dear Members,

It has been and honor and a pleasure to serve as president of this wonderful organization for the past four years.  Thanks to all of you for your support, and especially to the Executive Board who have been a pleasure to work with and have become wonderful friends, too.  I'm delighted to pass the torch to the very capable Mike Simpson as the new Heritage League President.

I will continue as a voting Governor of the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library Trust representing the Heritage League.  In that capacity, I will be traveling to Cambridge, Norwich and London again this November to celebrate Veterans Day and Remembrance Day, and to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Governors.

I'm delighted that a veteran of the 389th Bomb Group will travel over with us!

Joining seventy-seven (77!) World War II veterans at the combined 8th Air Force Historical Society / Heritage League Reunion in New Orleans in September was a very special experience.  I’m sure you will enjoy the photos and write-ups about the reunion in the upcoming issue of the Herald. I also thank Malinda Gautreaux and Syria Mougrabi from the Kenner, LA chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution who came to the Hilton the first day to serve as a local welcome committee as our veterans arrived.

Beverly Baynes Tomb
Former President, Heritage League of the Second Air Division (USAAF)
Board Member and Governor, Memorial Trust Library

Dear Members,

I’m honored to assume the mantle as President of the Heritage League of the Second Air Division (USAAF).  We’ve got some great things in the works for the Heritage League – you’ll hear more about that in the future.  Besides being the President, I’m also the webmaster so please check often as information about projects and happenings are posted on our website.

We’re embarking on a new term of service with a bunch of new folks and I foresee great things happening.  We’re looking into our reunion planning for next year as well as planning a trip to England in 2019.  More on that to come in both the Herald and on the website.

For those of you who don’t know about me I’m the son of a former 2nd Air Division airman. Dad passed away telling me nothing about his service other than he flew with the actor Jimmy Stewart and flew in B-24’s. With that scrap of information 35 years after my father’s death, I learned that he actually flew with Stewart on several missions with the 445th Bomb Group.

I served in Vietnam as a Green Beret advisor to a Cambodian infantry company. After a back injury prevented me from staying in Special Forces, I went back to school and upon graduation entered the Air Force. After leaving the service I worked as a DoD contractor for many of the major defense contractors – Boeing, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics to name a few. I’m now retired and working as a webmaster for 3 websites.

I’m pleased that Beverly will remain as our representative to the Memorial Library Trust as a voting Governor.  She’s done an excellent job in the past and has established a rapport with our friends “across the pond”.

Happy Veterans’ Day to all our veterans, and especially to our 2nd Air Division veterans!

Michael S. Simpson
President, Heritage League of the Second Air Division (USAAF)
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